Murder Mystery Weekend

Expressive Summer Lakeland Landscapes with Mixed Media

Murder Mystery Weekend

  • Friday 26 November 4pm - Sunday 28 November 1pm
  • £235 Standard room 
  • Full Board 
  • Leader: Marilyn Brice 

“Murders Most Horrid”, a local company, specialise in hosting high quality, fun filled, non-costumed Murder Mystery Weekends. Whether you are a novice investigator or a seasoned detective you must pay attention to every detail to solve the mystery. Guests will interrogate suspects and uncover what some would like to remain hidden to reveal the rogues responsible.

The scene is set. You are invited. Have you got what it takes to keep your cool when all around is warming up? If so, join us, but not everything will be as it appears.

For more information and to book please contact Steve or Marilyn.

Steve 07840 272173 / Marilyn 07979 622580